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Global Waste Management

With capacity to provide service in any point of mainland Portugal, with partnerships in the autonomous regions, with human resources and specialized materials, BLUEOTTER can offer an undeniable range of technical solutions for the management of waste generated by companies in all business sectors.

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  • Waste Management, Treatment and Recovery
  • Destruction operations: outdated, obsolete and discontinued products, discarded from production
  • Scheduled collections of non-hazardous industrial waste
  • Picking and management of organic waste and animal by-products
  • Management of sorting centers in the producer
  • Waste park management with human resources in situ
  • Internal Waste Collection Circuits
  • Supply of waste packaging and containers
  • Reactive collections in emergencies and unforeseen situations
  • Routing of waste to appropriate and licensed final destinations
  • Consulting and technical support

Its accumulated experience - technical and operational, in over 40 years of industrial waste management activity, with the operationalization of thousands of clients from all over the country.

Holder of licensed waste treatment and storage centers with areas of operation throughout the country, BLUEOTTER meets the conditions that allow its customers to effectively control all stages of the process (transportation, sorting, packaging and forwarding to their respective rows), with the best economic result and in compliance with legal obligations.

BLUOTTER has a diversified fleet of vehicles and containers that meets the requirements of all nationally covered waste lines, all operated by specialized Employees.

it provides a dynamic and proactive monitoring of the management of the contract with the client, whether in its Commercial Manager, Logistics or Maintenance services.

BLUEOTTER favors waste recovery and recycling solutions in its Reception Centers that cover the country, reducing the amount of waste landfilling.

Production of Waste Derived Fuels (CDR)

The difficulty of recycling material of many of the managed waste, either because they are mixed - undifferentiated waste, or because of its physical and chemical characteristics, finds a recovery solution in the transformation into CDR, which can be used in units licensed for this purpose.

Destruction Operations

In some of our units, we carry out diferent product destruction operations, either due to expiration, counterfeiting, confidentiality or management options. Some of these operations are accompanied by tax and customs authorities.

Construction and demolition wastes

The RCD management activity includes the storage, sorting, recovery and recycling of materials, with the possibility of incorporation in bilding and paving processes.


  • Identification of the type of waste to be produced on site (quantities, packaging)
  • Waste sorting planning and definition of internal handling methodologies for packaging
  • Identification and definition of a hazardous waste management plan: contaminated soil, oils, asbestos
  • Setting goals for reuse, recycling, recovery and finally landfill
  • Operation with licensed transportation companies and final destinations
  • Waste transportation
  • Concern for compliance with legislation and the achievement of defined recycling and reuse targets
  • Collaboration in the elaboration of the Work Waste Management Plan
  • Documentation preparation and management

BLUOTTER develops an activity in the area of ​​“Integrated Management of Animal By-Products (SPOA) - Category 3”, covering the packaging, labeling, storage, collection, transportation and treatment in licensed units.


  • Fish by-products (fish and shellfish): fish chips, offal and other fish remnants, outdated raw fish in bulk or packed (cuvettes or vacuum)
  • Meat by-products (cow, pig, sheep / goat and poultry): meat trimmings, bones or remains, outdated meat, tallow or packaged (cuvettes or vacuum) as raw
  • Food by-products: dairy products; egg, precooked with dairy products, eggs, meat or fish; processed products (ham, cheese, butters), honey or bee products, outdated or spoiled petfood.


BLUEOTTER possesses logistic means for waste transportation and storage, directed mainly towards solid and organic waste.

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Com a aquisição da EGEO Circular a BLUOTTER dotou-se de um conjunto vasto de meios logísticos de viaturas e contentores:

  • Veículos com caixa de compressão com diferentes capacidades
  • Veículos Multibenne
  • Veículos Movibenne
  • Veículos com caixa de compactação
  • Veículos com grua
  • Veículos equipados com sistemas de alta pressão e de vácuo
  • Varredoras
  • Compactadores posto fixo e monobloco
  • Contentores abertos e fechados de várias capacidades e tipologias

Sorting and Recycling

In Setubal BLUEOTTER has the capacity to store and sort construction and demolition waste (CDW), as well as non-hazardous waste totalling 150,000 metric tons per year.

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No total as instalações de tratamento de resíduos adquiridas representam uma capacidade de considerável de armazenagem, triagem e valorização de resíduos.

Estas unidades estão dotadas de modernas linhas de triagem com equipamentos de trituração e compactação com vista a dar adequada resposta à gestão dos resíduos das fileiras do papel/cartão, do plástico, da madeira, do vidro, das sucatas metálicas e não metálicas e dos REEE.

A BLUEOTTER tem ainda em Setúbal, uma instalação com capacidade de armazenamento e de triagem de resíduos não perigosos e de resíduos construção e demolição (RCD), para 150.000 toneladas/ano.

Organic Valorisation in Bioremediation

BLUEOTTER has the capacity to treat and recycle organic waste by means of bioremediation totalling 28,000 metric tons per year in Setubal.

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Resorting to Bioremediation organic valorisation is an ecologic method for the environmental recovery of soils, presenting a higher cost-benefit ratio by comparison to traditional methods of physical and chemical removal of pollutants.

Our facilities in Setubal were the first ones to develop this innovative project nationwide, resorting to this recycling biological process for waste that normally would be destined to deposit in landfill.

The list of EWL codes covered by the operator`s waste management license No. 063/2016, CITRI, regarding Bioremediation is presented below:

LER Codes

Composting Organic Valorisation

BLUEOTTER is developing a modern and innovative treatment and valorisation composting unit for organic waste, in Setubal, with the capacity to treat 60,000 metric tons per year.

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This unit will allow to obtain a quality organic compound to be applicable in agriculture. The compound will be subject to a strict alignment with the current Law on Fertilizers.

The beginning of operation of this unit is expected for 2019.

Valorisation and Production of Alternative Fuels

BLUEOTTER has two RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) production lines, one in Setubal and another in Alenquer. These lines can process up to 100,000 metric tons per year.

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RDF valorisation allows to reduce the volume of landfill technical confinement, deviating a significant fraction of waste which for its characteristics, namely calorific power, may be subject to a different valorisation operation.

The RDF line of production basically consists on a pre-shredder, having a rigorous control, a magnetic splitter for the removal of iron materials, an air splitter to sort the lightest fraction and to which a higher calorific power is associated and, finally, an ultimate shredder (adjuster), which will assure that the RDF dimensions comply with the requests of energetic valorisation units (cement kilns, boilers, among others), followed by another iron splitter. There is also a metal splitter on the refuse end (heavy fraction)

The final results in respect of the quality of the RDF produced are in line with the highest quality standards pursuant to the Portuguese Standard.

Technical confinement in landfill

BLUEOTTER possess two landfill technical confinement units, in Setubal and Alenquer, with an annual capacity for the treatment of non-hazardous waste of 130.000 metric tons/year.

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Both units, considered state-of-the-art, integrate the environmental, safety and health dimensions in every action concerning their management, complying with every available legislation and best practices available.

Urban waste transport and sanitation

With a vast fleet of vehicles and equipment, BLUEOTTER provides flexibility and effectiveness in the implementation of Urban Cleaning solutions and all types of SUPS (Urban Public Services) Collection systems, by establishing strategic and tactical partnerships with Municipalities and Inter-municipal systems wishing to subcontract an external service provision.

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  • Urban cleaning
  • UPS collection and container washing
  • Road cleaning, sweeping and mechanized washing of road infrastructures
  • Collection of ecopoints
  • Selective collections and door-to-door
  • Mechanical and Manual Scan
  • Road cleaning resulting from emergencies
  • Cleaning of verges and vacant lots
  • Street cleaning
  • Cleaning and clearing collectors, waterlines and video inspection
  • Cleanup of lakes and monumental fountains
  • Environmental Awareness Strategies and Actions

Urban Cleaning is by its very nature a task that requires permanent and continuous monitoring. In this sense, BLUEOTTER has small brigades, with adequate logistics, for quick interventions.

Differentiating factors:

  • Qualified and experienced human resources
  • Rigor, flexibility and efficiency in implementing collection solutions
  • Customer services
  • Responsiveness and speed in service
  • Respect for the environment and safety

Sanitation, HidroBoost and Industrial Cleaning

BLUEOTTER intends to contribute decisively to the substantial improvement of services provided with specialized equipment, based on a strategy for the preservation of Natural Resources and the Environment.

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BLUEOTTER, in the Sanitation area, Hydro-Vacuum Cleaners and Industrial Cleaning, performs a set of specialized services.

  • Cleaning and unclogging domestic unit and rainwater collectors, and associated infrastructures (dischargers, manholes, tidal control valves, etc.), as well as other wastewater treatment facilities
  • Drainage system maintenance
  • Gutter Clearance
  • Cleaning and aspiration of wet pits from pumping stations
  • Cleaning and aspiration in WWTP
  • Cleaning and unclogging pipes within the perimeter of the WWTP
  • Suction and sludge transfer between WWTP's
  • Ponds and tanks cleaning
  • High-pressure cleanings
  • Cleaning of edible fat separators
  • CCTV inspection of the domestic unit and rain collectors
  • Buffering and Bypass of Miscellaneous Collectors
  • Quick Intervention Picket
  • Vacuuming and transporting hazardous liquid waste with ADR vehicles
  • Cleaning industrial collectors
  • Cleaning Hydrocarbon Separator
  • Spill containment
  • Interior cleaning of tanks and lines containing petroleum and chemical products
  • Cleaning with AQUAMAT system for cleaning spaces without man's entrance
  • Industrial Cleaning on Ships
  • Reactor Cleaners
  • Issuance of Certificate Degassing

This area of ​​activity is characterized by a sophisticated and specialized fleet, assuming particular relevance in the area of ​​cleaning and maintenance of public and private sewage systems, as well as the intervention aspect in emergency situations caused by accidents.

  • Teams specialized in sanitation work and confined spaces
  • Experience and competence
  • Technical assistance
  • Vehicles and equipment suitable for the activity
  • Monitoring of services by Environment and Safety Technician
  • Forwarding of cleaning waste to appropriate and licensed final destinations
  • Respect for the environment and safety rules

Renewable Energies Production

BLUEOTTER produces Renewable Energies using two energy production plants.

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In Alenquer, the solar plant is made of 450 photovoltaic modules and is used for self‑consumption with the purpose of diminishing the energetic dependence of our facilities.

The biogas electric energy production plant in Setubal has a power of 1 MW.


The Blueotter Group laboratory is ISO/IEC 17025:2018 accredited and develops its activity both for the internal needs of the Group's companies and for external customers in a wide range of areas.

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The laboratory has implemented a management system accredited by the ISO/IEC 17025:2018 standard, being equipped with specialized equipment and highly qualified personnel, capable of ensuring the quality of the results, within the deadlines and compliance with legislation, standards, and directives.

The laboratory - LEB's main function is environmental monitoring and analysis, including:

  • Characterization of sludge and soils for agricultural recovery in accordance with the provisions of DL 276/2009;
  • Effluent Analysis;
  • Wastewater Analysis;
  • Characterization of CDRs (Fuel Derived from Waste);
  • Soil characterization;
  • Characterization of waste for landfilling in accordance with the provisions of DL 183/2009;

Research, Development and Innovation

BLUEOTTER intends to actively contribute towards the improvement of the quality of the management and environmental management of the sector. In that sense, the company undertakes internal projects for innovation and automatization of procedures while developing partnerships with multinational companies allowing access to the most advanced technologies and methodologies for environmental preservation.

Disinfestation - Covid-19

Corona Virus, strain COVID-19, is a disease that is transmitted by close contact with people infected by the virus, or contaminated surfaces and objects.

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Blueotter considers it extremely important to carry out preventive disinfestations on its customers, namely:

  • Industry
  • Large Distribution
  • Commercial spaces
  • Hospitality
  • Public Roads and Spaces

For these services, Blueotter has vehicles, equipment and employees with the appropriate training for these operations.

In a measure to contain the proliferation of this virus, which will involve atomizing the areas to be intervened, the application of the products will always be carried out in accordance with safety rules and preventive procedures for any undesired situation.