Circular Citri proRESI

Who we are

BLUEOTTER provides premium environmental services to its clients and partners through industrial waste recovery and treatment units, operating with maximum environmental responsibility and implementing the best environmental practices and techniques.

You may not know the name Blueotter, but you know what we do. We started our group in 2016 when we acquired CITRI and later acquired CME ÁGUAS / PRORESI waste management units, creating a new brand to take waste management to a whole new level of service and environmental progression.

In 2019 we expanded further with our acquisition of the non-hazardous activities of EGEO GROUP, renaming it BLUEOTTER CIRCULAR. With this latest acquisition, we can provide our customers more services, including recycling, municipal waste, and sanitation services. We operate on a national level, from Trofa to Algarve.

Our goal is to follow the best environmental and management practices in waste sorting and recycling; organic waste treatment; and processing and preparing alternative fuels from waste. We are committed to responding to society´s needs with the best environmental solutions while safeguarding natural resources.


As code of practices BLUEOTTER adopts the best available European practices and objectives set forth in the Paris and United Nations agreements, in respect of climate change and defense of a lively and sustainable Planet. In that sense, every environmental management process and service is certified to assure premium services to clients.

Investing in innovative and disruptive projects, using the best available techniques and most innovative technologies to reduce resource consumption and continuously increasing waste valorisation, actively tackling climate change.

As a community, it is increasingly concerned with environmental sustainability, defending the adoption of behaviours which promote social and environmental well-being in all the Planet.


BLUEOTTER aims to be recognized as a reference for its excellent environmental practices, promotion of sustainability, quality and severity of management and services values.

BLUEOTTER is oriented by a continuous improvement model for its processes, methods and technologies. Innovation is achieved by minimizing environmental impacts and risks within this activity which is essential to communitarian life, respecting the environment and the well‑being of communities, employees, clients and partners, through the best environmental practices.

Awareness for this cause is everyone’s duty. At BLUEOTTER such responsibility is assumed with seriousness and professionalism, supported by a wide technical and management team tried-and-tested for more than 20-years of experience within the area.

Continuously contributing for technological innovation and environmental management procedures, fostering the development of waste valorisation and creation of alternative products and materials, promoting sustainability and overcoming our generation’s climate change challenge.

Actively cooperating with customers, suppliers and institutions, setting out partnerships for the improvement and implementation of the best international environmental practices and most innovative technologies available in the market.

Investing in projects and innovative technologies which contribute to increase competitiveness, improvement of customers and community services, continuously promoting BLUEOTTER’s internal and external sustainability.

What we do

Under the same brand, BLUEOTTER offers global waste management to all its customers, and currently operates from north to south of the country, across 8 waste management and treatment facilities.

It aims to provide its customers a primium global waste management service, extending the services provided in the field of waste management, utilities and treatment solutions through its sorting units, waste recovery facilities, RCDs, alternative fuel production, biopile waste recovery units, landfill containment, treatment and disposal units, two renewable energy production plants (solar and biogas plant integrated with production); and a laboratory with ISO 17025 accreditation and certification.

There are also projects under development for a new composting unit for organic waste treatment in Setúbal and a new waste sorting and recovery facility in Palmela. BLUEOTTER offers global waste management to all its clients, and operates from the north to the south of the country, spread over 8 waste management and treatment facilities